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0.1 Jan 2015

  • Performer experience as original version - arbitrary triggering of score, text and image events in a fullscreen environment with a preview of the next event and progress bar for the current event.
  • Extension of event types to include html and script (evaluation of javascript at event run time)
  • Changed event scheduling engine to pre-performance caching - only ids are sent to clients in order to trigger an event
  • Design of XML schema, containing composition meta, performer definitions and event scheduling using a linear scripted framework

0.2 March 2015

  • Recallable event id / pooling system
  • Client feedback/triggers
  • Userspace lAPI

0.3 June 2015

  • Documentation
  • Propagation to composers, feedback / UAT and enhancements to XML definition
  • Event inspector/observer - allowing admin and non-perfromers to view the progression and overview of events
  • Medium scale (20+ performer/observer instance) multi-browser testing

0.4 July 2015

  • Composer feedback / UAT and enhancements to XML definition
  • Conversion to backbone.js MVP
  • Templating to Express / LESS / etc pending tests

1.0 August 2015

Milestone: Manchester Jazz Festival concert

  • All performances tested / rehearsed with intended roles and observers
  • Session/cookie handling and view state concept revisited

1.1 September 2015

  • Feedback/analysis of MJF event and inclusion
  • Webaudio: realtime audio input from clients with feature extraction, initially focussing on pitch/amplitude detection.


  • Designer: visual programming interface for XML definitions based around Google Blockly


  • OSC routing (as close to the original Max/MSP spec as possible) and live event API.
  • Mixed score format integration (Lilypond, musicXML, abc)
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